it's a "double win situation"

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I must admit how amusing I find it reading through user instructions that have been written in Swahili and translated into pigeon English by a Tibetan hermit.

A few months back I was talking (via email) with a rep from a chinese electronics manufacturer.

My Chinese friend was telling me that their service was "the second of no-one" and it really was a "double win situation" for me to be dealing with their company.

I love that: "double win"!

My great revelation from this (it came while I was still chuckling to myself) was that I was actually really interested.

- I now wanted to know how dealing how this Chinese manufacturer could possibly offer me, a small New Zealand company, a truly winning deal, while at the same time benefitting their massive business in such a way that they would want to continue doing business with me.

. . I never did find this out.

But what it showed me was that offering a genuine "double win situation" is the key to successful business relationships.

That's what I am excited about with

win: A genuine opportunity for people who want work done to get it done for free (their downside is that they may not actually win the draw and that they might be offered a free quote, some downside!)

win: Another genuine opportunity for a business who might be a bit quiet (or not) to give one day of one of their staff away for free in exchange for a new (and happy) customer AND then the opportunity to offer free quotes to lots of prospective customers.

oh and a third win: Give to charity. A free day can go to charity, or just give a donation.

It's all about the numbers, the more people signing up for onefreeday of work, the more businesses that can get involved and grow and the more the charities will benefit too.

Cool ay?

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